The work


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Repurposed goodness.  Amazing products designed for sustainable living, sold to generate income to drive our purpose.

At Rework we love transformation, designing and making things from resources we have rescued from the waste stream.  To take something that has been thrown away and considered worthless and turn it into an amazing coveted product, ready to be used and reused, is such a great thing. 

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Rework Lab

At Rework Lab we experiment.  We design, test, measure and share our findings.

We challenge status quo, disrupt out dated systems and design new ways, develop new ideas and test them out.  We ask questions, listen to communities and work on solutions together.

In the 'Lab' at the moment:

  • Clothing for Compost project
  • Textile waste rescue and repurpose


We provide a number of services which are aimed at businesses and their waste.