These wonderful people and businesses, partner and network with us to deliver positive social and environmental impact to our community.  When you chose them you can be sure they care about the community and the environment.

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Go Media Ltd

Go Media Limited is the largest independent outdoor media provider in New Zealand. They have connected us with suppliers of reusable packaging and used billboard skins.  Thanks for the contacts and helping us deliver waste solutions and economic opportunity.

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Bespoke Curtains and Blinds, 3 Russell Street, Upper Hutt

Trading fabric off-cuts and deleted samples so we can use them in creative and awesome ways.  A big thank you to Jackie who is so positive about doing the best with what Bespoke cannot use.



Upper Hutt City Council

The Upper Hutt City Council have provided invaluable time and support to the clothing to compost initiative.

Look forward to more partnership with the enterprise, community and sustainability teams at the Upper Hutt City Council.

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All Turf Ltd

All Turf were shifting premises and needed to find a new home for 400+ used safety mats.  Rework picked up the mats and we sold them to some very happy customers who were going to use them for all sorts of things at home, including around caravans in wet weather, a path to a clothesline again in the wet weather, around trampolines and as useful mats in the garage.  Money received will go towards setting up our waste bank.  Each mat weighed 2kgs which meant finding a reuse home for these mats saved 800kgs of rubber resources from landfill.